The best way to predict your menstrual cycle

MyNextPeriod tracks and predicts your past and future periods. This helps your schedule and future arrangements, such as vacation, even if you need to know months in advance.

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Get Predictions

Get your next period prediction delivered in your email. The more often and accurately you mark your days the better the predictions will be.

Get Notifications

You don't need to remember to mark your period date. We'll remind you via email and you'll just have to click on the correct date link.

100% Free

MyNextPeriod is 100% free.

Calendar and List view

Find out when your period is due 3 or 4 months in advance via the calendar or the printable list view.

Minimum Hassle

As soon as the system has enough good dates for your profile you'll never need to login to the application again. Everything can be done completely via the prediction and reminder emails.

Secure & Respectful

We respect your privacy and we are very serious about protecting it. We only ask for the minimum information from you and will never disclose your details and data to anyone else.